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 “Head First in Motocross” is more than a slogan.

Mental Training & Development may seem like a mysterious principal; but it is simply your point of view and perception of the world, yourself and what you believe is possible. This is always the first step at MX COACH.

Whether we are beginning a training session, a race or designing your program it will always start with a question. This inquiry gives us a glimpse into your view and beliefs that we say will make the difference in whatever it is that you are about to do.


MX COACH is true coaching specifically designed for the motocross and Supercross athlete. We have integrated the four key disciplines listed in priority: Mental Training & Development, Riding Technique, Physical Training, and Nutrition.


What is unique about MX COACH is that we bring these four disciplines together into one comprehensive program. What makes this program so powerful is the Mental Training and Development that permeates the entire program.


MX COACH is coaching. What is coaching? Coaching is distinct from training even though training is one action a coach will do. A coach operates in a bigger context than a trainer or an instructor. A coach keeps the picture big and wide and has straightforward conversations that interupt and create possibility.  And has conversations of accountability and responsibility when appropriate. A coach guides and directs a student to overcome what is stopping them. And that could be in any area of a student’s life not just in motocross and athletics.


Overall a coach never waivers and can see what the student does not see and these insights can produce extraordinary results and breakthroughs in which the student may not have realized on their own. This is the power and the privilege of a coach! Today physical trainers are now accepted and popular in pro and amateur motocross. However, coaches are the next evolution for our sport; and MX COACH is forging that future.


Over 30- years of study, research and development have gone into the program designs and methods of MX COACH. We are able to offer true world-class coaching specifically for motocross. 


The fact is a championship-training program will not make you a champion. The easy part is spending money on an exciting new program. The hard part is bringing the champion (you) to the championship program. There is no program that will make you a champion; there is no illusionary formula. There is you being committed to being a champion and bringing the being and actions of a champion to your program. That looks like you being unreasonable and unstoppable in the face of any result or circumstance and continuing to bring “champion” to your program.

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