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Every professional sport has a culture of coaching, technique, and fundamentals where professional coaches train and develop players in techniques and skills to be competent and ultimately masterful in that sport. Coaching is built into the design.

What makes a master is mastering the fundamentals. Practice sessions are focused on mastering each fundamental of that professional sport. Athletes will master a fundamental and then return to it and master it deeper. Practice sessions look nothing like the game of the sport itself in competition as coaches direct athletes in honing specific abilities.


Athletes will master a fundamental
and then return to it and master it deeper.


These professional coaches are clear that there is no secret, no magic algorithm, to have someone perform at a high level. It is not about their attitude, mental state, confidence level or how they are feeling. High performance is simply developing a high level set of skills through mastering the fundamentals.

The shocking truth is that sport fundamentals
and the scientific training of skill development
are missing in motocross.

Technique, fundamentals, and scientific methods to train and develop skill in athletes are missing from most motocross coaching programs. Typical motocross coaching and training is primarily informational. The information falls far short of giving the student the capability to do what has been explained. That is not coaching at all; that is instructing.

Coaching has become much more popular than when I started professionally coaching back in 2001. However, the scientific training of skill development is still not part of the culture, or what we do, in motocross. The culture of motocross has most racers training and practicing by going to the track and turning laps as fast as they can. This could be one piece of a racer’s development of skill, but mostly it is the primary method for amateur racers all the way up to the professional ranks.


This is the source of why so many committed racers plateau and can’t seem to develop to the next level. 


At MX Coach you will be coached professionally
leaving you discovering and dwelling in
a different world of development.

Professional coaching always begins with the fundamentals regardless of how expert or winning the athlete is. If the coach sees that just one fundamental is missing or is deficient, that is now the focus of what gets trained and developed.

I know you think you see everything there is to see, but a professional mental performance coach sees techniques, positioning, application of power and a world of happenings that most racers are blind to. During my training, I am always blown back by the surprise of my students when they do finally see what they could not previously see. This includes AMA Pro racers!

At MX Coach we operate in the world of science and will introduce you to the MX Coach 8 Fundamental Laws of Motorcycle Physics™ in which you will discover for yourself the design principles of your motocross bike, how it works, and why it works that way. Then we will employ a scientific approach that includes neuroscience and kinesiology that will give any rider direct access to an extremely high-level of skill, in a short amount of time.

Are you willing to discover for yourself a different approach and way of training and practicing using science and proven methodologies, that have irrefutable evidence to their effectiveness? 

Advanced Motocross Technique Training

A Racer cannot excel without a deep understanding and engagement of motorcycle physics.  

Why it

Professional mental coaching and  motocross training employs modern scientifically proven training methods to develop elite level skills in a short amount of time.

Bottom Line

Discover what you don’t know that you don’t know and enter the world of physics, neuroscience, ontology and sports science to gain access to advanced riding techniques and breakthrough results.

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The Talent Myth & Speed

The "Talent Myth" refers to the concept that an individual is born with certain god-given talents, natural-born abilities, and certain mental aptitude for a given profession or sport.

This is prevalent in motocross. A belief that a racer has talent, or he does not. The Talent Myth in motocross shuts the door on the development of skill. Teams are looking for talent, and you either have it or you don’t.

The next common misconception is that everything is about speed and that to be successful in racing means you have to be fast. This misses a whole world of personal development for a rider to be the kind of person who has the mindset of a winner and can win a championship.

The natural response of the racer to the talent myth and the lack of speed is to push harder, try harder, be more aggressive, and be more confident. Unfortunately, none of this develops skills and abilities. This perpetuates the myth of talent and speed and ignores proven scientific methods to develop fundamental skills.

Fundamentals in motocross occur
as beginner level stuff and racers just
want to know the secret to going faster.

Professional coaching will require a racer to practice each fundamental to mastery, and then return to it and master it deeper. Being a champion is more than merely being a fast racer. It is mastering the fundamentals and speed shows up along the way.

If you ask a racer, “What are the fundamentals in motocross?” You are likely to get a blank stare and possibly “elbows up, balls of the feet on the pegs and look ahead.”  Now ask them if this is something you merely know or is it something you physically do while racing?

In contrast, students of Jiu-Jitsu demonstrate something very different. My close friend Sal, is a master black-belt in Jiu-Jitsu, and when I go to his trainings, I ask his students, “What are the fundamentals of Jiu-Jitsu?” They are able to say and demonstrate each fundamental to me in unison! The difference is that from beginners to the highest belt practicing Jiu-Jitsu is rooted in the fundamentals. 

Consider that any amateur or professional motocross racer, regardless of how pathetic or promising they currently are, is trainable to perform at an elite-level through mastering the fundamentals. But the way you are training in motocross doesn’t allow for mastery. A racer cannot excel without a deep understanding and engagement of the fundamentals.

Perhaps the masters of any trade or sport are so rare because few have the patience, steadfastness, and love to continue to master one thing at a time and then return and master it deeper.


Enter MX Coach where scientific training & development happen using neuroscience, sports science, physiology, ontology, and physics.

In my 22 years of professional coaching of motocross athletes from AMA Professionals to beginners, of the students who continued mastering the fundamentals, all developed to a high level in a short amount of time and all have realized breakthrough and unimaginable results. The way our racers had those unprecedented outcomes was through transforming themselves from being an amateur with a dream to having a champion's mindset.

You used to ask,
“How do I go faster?”
You will start asking,
“What does it look like to Be a Champion?”


Are you willing to discover for yourself a different approach and way of training and practicing using science and proven methodologies, that have irrefutable evidence to their effectiveness? 

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