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Mental Performance Coaching impacts
every area of a racer’s development.

A common understanding of mental coaching is that it helps a racer who is a “head-case,” has bad pre-race anxiety or is somehow blocked from reaching past performance levels "in a slump." A sports psychologist or mental performance coach who works with racers to control their mind is important for having positive thoughts and emotional states before and during a race event.

​The Dictionary Definition of Mental Coaching - is related to the mind or involving the process of thinking. Specific to the total emotional and intellectual response of an individual to external reality.

MX Coach's Mental Performance Coaching

There is access to training and developing oneself mentally to be highly reliable and effective in the face of any circumstance or situation. 

The MX Coach Approach:

  • Works with how the racer relates to oneself and their future. 

  • Engages the amateur or professional motocross racer in rigorous coaching conversations and practices to free up the rider from the dominance of one’s mind (thoughts, memories, mental and emotional states). Not by controlling the mind, but by going beyond and outside of the mind. 

  • Uncovers limiting beliefs including myths of how life and racing works. 

  • Creates with the racer a future possibility and engages in that possibility.  

  • The racer realizes breakthrough race results in a short amount of time.

  • The MX Coach approach frees up the racer to transform themselves from being an amateur with a dream to having the mindset of a winner.


Most agree that as you go up in class ability, the mind plays a bigger and bigger role in your race results.

A typical racer follows a plan that usually includes moto practice, athletic training, sports nutrition, bike testing, and maintenance. Professional level racers go further and hire athletic trainers, mechanics, and technique coaches to take their training and preparation to the next level.

Even at this high level, the most neglected area of racing is mental training and development.

Exorbitant effort, time and money is spent on the physical and mechanical aspects of motocross and little to none is invested on developing a racer to discover their mental limits and intentionally go beyond those limits. 

What mental training do you do?

Mental Performance COaching

Discover the being and actions of a Champion in all areas of life.

Discover at will access to flow-states in your racing.  

What it
looks like

You uncover past based limiting beliefs and myths of how life and motocross racing works. Ultimately you will create a future of your own, that is no longer limited by your past.


The unimaginable in your race results and the ability to realize your racing career future with a distinct quality of life and ease with remarkable accomplishments. 

Until now there has been limited access to

Mental Coaching that is effective when you need it most:

  • On race-day

  • On the starting line

  • At high priority races

Enter the Mysterious and Secret World of

Mental Training and Development

Go Deeper

The most common mental practices that amateur and professional motocross racers state, “I visualize, think positive, and focus.” While these can be somewhat effective, there is a big gap between that and actively developing yourself mentally to perform at your best.


Are your mental practices giving you
the breakthrough results that are available?


What is your race day experience?

You travel far away to a high priority race. The day before is open practice and you’re flowing, passing easily, picking any line you like and having fun. Your lap times are competitive and you feel confident and excited for tomorrow!

Race day is here, you’re on the starting line and all your confidence from yesterday begins to crumble as you compare today’s qualifying times to others. You look down the starting line and see Team Green supported riders to the left and Yamaha supported riders to the right. Suddenly negative thoughts and doubts appear in your head. You remember to think positive and begin to repeat your mantra, “I’ve got this and I belong here.”

You prepared, trained, and were ready to achieve a breakthrough finish at this race. You think of all the effort, training, and preparation you put into this race and how far you’ve traveled. You remember how confident and excited you were. Now you’re feeling doubt and a heavy burden to perform.

The gate drops and the flow, fun, and dominion
you had yesterday is not accessible today.

Surprisingly, you are not racing at your ability when you need it most. Access to flow evades you today. You know the track but it feels different. You struggle and force yourself to ride like you did yesterday but talking to yourself is not working and neither is pushing yourself to go faster.

You return to thinking positive and repeating your mantra, but none of that is working. You keep trying different ways of calming yourself down or psyching yourself up to unlock how you rode yesterday. Try as you might, you cannot get access to yesterday’s level of racing ability.

How could a racer have ability
one day and not the next?

Does the racer’s ability and skills need improvement or did something get in the way of their current level of ability to be expressed? 


After the race, you’re in your head, spinning things in a positive direction, searching for logical reasons for your poor performance. Your support team does the same thing and gives you validation by saying positive things and explains how some things were out of your control. Then a pat on the back and a “You’ll do better next moto!”


You may feel better in the moment after hearing a logical explanation or a good positive pep-talk by your parent or mechanic, but does that reliably make the difference when you line up on the starting line for your next moto? The validation and positive spin may feel nice, but you’re left wondering, “What about the next moto?”


What happened?

Does one's ability and skills disappear? How could a racer have the ability one moto or day and not the next? Is it my ability or skills that I need to work on or is something getting in the way of my current ability and skills to be expressed.

I’ve studied human behavior for over
Three Decades and I am clear that:

  1. Talking to yourself or others talking to you to change your mindset only works sometimes.

  2. You are looking for something more reliable than “sometimes!”

What happened, really?

Consider that something got in the way! Something displaced or blocked this racer’s ability to perform. Most racers conclude after a bad day at the races that they must do better, work harder and do more when they don’t perform at the level they know they are capable of.


At MX Coach we approach it from a different angle that leaves you, the racer, with at will access to your highest skill and ability and at will access to flow states in your racing regardless of the circumstances or situation.


Consider the power available in intentionally and reliably training and developing the Mental aspects of racing. I assert this will make the biggest difference in every area of your racing. You simply need to be willing to look and discover something beyond what you already know with our mental performance coaching.

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