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Creating a new era of: Being Champion, Being ONE Team

There is an opportunity in relating to a race team as an organization and working as a whole to accomplish the mission at hand. This goes far beyond the racers and includes the ownership, management, and each staff member regardless of their role.

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An Unmet Opportunity

Bringing organizational motorsport consulting and professional MX coaching together to transform a race team into being ONE high performance professional organization.

How it

Through integrating both organizational consulting to the entire team and staff while integrating professional motocross coaching to the racers collectively and individually.


Going beyond hiring individual high performers. Your race team is now the environment and culture where champions are developed and championships are won.

Each team member is hired to be accountable for specific duties that are required for the organization to fulfill what they are out to accomplish. Is one duty more important than another? In racing the primary focus is on the race bike and the racers. What gets missed is the rest of the organization’s people, processes, accountabilities, training, and development. If just one staff member does not perform their duty with the mindset of a winner, then the opportunity for high performance is diminished for the whole.

Consider that teams do not succeed through
 single high-performing individuals.

I am looking to meet a team and staff who are willing to play an unreasonable game. That is to win championships with the resources they have today, and without all the resources they wish they had. That team would be committed to doing the necessary work to create an organization that sets a new precedent for how teams operate.

Being one team means having each and every racer and staff member realize breakthrough performance in their accountabilities. Together they can win multiple championships. Through integrating different aspects of mental performance coaching and consulting we engage the entire staff to create an environment and culture of a champion's mindset.

Most race teams focus on creating a race winning motorcycle to win championships.
Most racers are focused on speed to win championships.

What would it take for each and every one to be and act as champions in life and racing?

Imagine if every staff member is performing their specific duties at that level? There would be a level of coordinated action and alignment as one team with a single intention.

The kind of team where every staff member:

  • Sees opportunities to make remarkable contributions.

  • Plays a big game beyond themselves.

  • Brings forth the being and actions of a champion with everything they do.


I invite you to discover the power of Team. But not the everyday understanding of team. Rather, a new kind where you are not part of the team, you are The Team. An organization where every team member is critical to accomplish the mission at hand. Winning becomes a reality in your new era of being one high performance professional organization that outperforms any single high-performing individual and your competition.


Discover the power of Being ONE Team

in professional motocross racing!

Roger DeCoster and Mitch Payton are two race team managers that have accomplished this kind of ongoing championship performance. Through decades of racing these two team managers have arguably developed more young racers who become champions than any others. There is clearly something happening in their organizations which is distinct from the other race teams. The list is long, and notable. Some of them include: Jeremy McGrath, Mickey Dymond, Mike Kiedrowski, Jeff Stanton, Travis Pastrana, Ryan Villopoto, Ryan Dungey, Jake Weimer, and Cooper Webb.

Consider that Champions arise in winning environments and cultures.

Enter the world of Organizational Transformation

Any organization is capable of transforming regardless of their size and previous success. This transformation is not merely a series of improvements, not an attempt to be better than the past, nor solely focused on profits or results. Instead, the transformation launches the organization into a new future that wasn’t going to happen; creating a new era that transforms how the organization sees itself, and what’s possible. The realization of the transformation is seen in breakthrough outcomes that go far beyond linear progress.

Joe DeGano is an international consultant who has worked with organizations in the Fortune 100 and 500. He has delivered cultural transformations and unimaginable business metrics over the last decade.


An unmet opportunity exists in bringing Organizational Transformation into the world of motocross and racing.


DeGano founded MX Coach in 2001 leading with the mental aspects of racing and being one of the few Master Motocross Coaches in the world. He trained under Gary Bailey for six years to become a professional motocross coach.   

Through Organizational Consulting
Professional Motocross Coaching 
Will your Team be the one to make history?
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