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Four Aspects of a Motocross Program:
1) Mental  2) MX Techniques  3) Athletics  4) Sports Nutrition
Encompassed in a Scientific Approach of Professional Coaching

Sports Nutrition

Discipline #4

The word nutrition conjures up countless myths, fears and fad diets. The diet industry is a powerful multi-billion dollar annual industry and their focus is weight-loss not athletic performance! Fueling your body for the rigors of training and optimum athletic performance is distinctly different from what the mainstream media, trainers, dieticians and your Aunt Sally will say.

Enter nutrition for athletic performance, quality recovery and overall health. The basic principal is very simple calories in versus calories out.

Calories in > calories out = body mass increase
Calories in < calories out = body mass decrease
Calories in = calories out = no change

If you want to increase your body mass you must consume more calories than you burn. If you want to decrease your body mass consume less calories than you burn. This knowledge is logical, but to follow this simple logical law may not be so simple as we are emotionally attached to the foods we eat, when we eat and how much we eat.

At MX COACH we are well aware of the challenges of nutrition and this is where real coaching makes the difference. Excitement, inspiration and determination fade quickly while facing our daily emotional and habitual ways that we relate to food. This is where creating a powerful context for your racing and your life can actually pull you through the constraints of the past. In short, a nutrition program never has made the difference and never will. What makes the difference is your mental state as you consistently follow your program and transform how you relate to food. Again it is always the coaching that will make the difference in realizing the results you want. If you are hungry to be in excellent athletic fitness then your nutrition will play a bigger role than you think. It is the conversations that we will have and what you will discover about your self and consequently break through, that will have you be in the fitness level that you desire.

Our principals are simple and we have no need to try to impress you with sacrifices and insisting that you eat things you never heard of! Balanced nutrition of proteins, carbohydrates and fats depending on the individual; but within athletic nutrition guidelines is our philosophy. We also believe in eating clean and wholesome foods and stay away from processed foods whenever possible. Eating calories to reach intake levels without regard to the nutrient levels are not what we teach. At MX COACH our intention is overall health, recovery and performance. It is always a long-term approach and takes more intention than sipping body building shakes and eating at restaurants as your primary source of food.

Nutrition is fueling the body for performance. Physical fitness depends on nutrition; the body simply cannot improve if enough nutrients are not provided consistently. However, consistently following a nutritional plan proves to be one of the most difficult regimens to follow for many athletes. Whatever the reason nutrition is a fundamental key in improved fitness and race performance.

Supplementation fills the holes in food nutrition providing assurance that you are getting the proper nutrients. Due to today's processed food, fast food and modern farming and distribution processes we can no longer be sure that the foods we are eating are dense in nutrients. Quality supplementation can fill the holes and assist with faster recovery and better performance.

Water is essential to help the body rid itself of metabolic toxins and waste that increase during intense training. Therefore, proper hydration will improve energy levels and increase metabolic efficiency. On average an individual should drink about 96 ounces (3 quarts, 3 liters or 12-8oz. glasses) daily. Athletes and individuals living in hot climates should increase that amount. So a rule of thumb for an athlete is 3 quarts up to 1 gallon of water per day!

Contact MX COACH today and put together a comprehensive motocross race program that covers every aspect of your racing. Coaching makes the difference not programs and this is why we say “Head First in Motocross” as it is your mental training & development that will have all the other physical factors manifest in your life and in the results that you want.

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