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MX COACH Advanced School

Standing on the foundation that students have discovered, practiced and gained competency in during their previous school featuring the MX Coach 8-Essential Laws of Motocross Physics schools, we now are able to go deeper into advanced techniques in corners, jumps, whoops and starts.  A key component in our advanced schools is training with other advanced racers that brings a level of intensity and a view of what is possible.  Mastery is the game at this level and that includes the mental aspects of racing, which is dealt with throughout the school, leaving racers with real access to racing performance.   




MX COACH 1-Day Motocross School

School size is limited for one-on-one personal instruction and maximize value.  Open to all riders on motorcycles 65cc and larger and all skill levels from novice to professional racers.


At MX Coach we take a scientific approach in coaching our students to leave then with more than information, tips and advice.  Instead we leave each student with practices, drills and a new view of what it takes to training and develop skills in motocross by using the latest scientific research in athletics and motocross. 


  1. Neuroscience

  2. Physics

  3. Sports science

  4. Ontology - The science of being, studying the nature and function of human being and the source of one’s actions.


MX Coach’s 8 Essential Laws of Motocross Physics ®

I have yet to meet an AMA Pro that even knows the 8 Essential Laws of controlling a motocross bike, while the champions of our sport are clearly showing us every day in photos and videos. We open our students eyes to what they don't know that they don't know.  And we know that knowing what to do makes little difference in actually doing it!  Therefore, we employ neuroscience technology so that our students discover for themselves what works and doing what works as opposed to trying to remember.

Starting with the fundamentals and a scientific approach to riding technique every rider, regardless of ability, will discover the “secrets” of control as demonstrated by today’s top champions in motocross.  We will provide unquestionable proof why these techniques create an unprecedented level of control and we will show you how to master these techniques.

  • MX Coach’s 8 Essential Laws of Motocross Physics ®

  • Drills as your access to mastery

  • Application of Power for control

  • Triple Braking the key to speed

  • The Talent Myth

  • Professional Sports Practice methods

  • Mastering the Art of Cornering

  • Critical Jumping Skills

Open to all skill levels, ages and racing classes.  65cc motorcycles and larger.



MX COACH 2-Day Motocross School

We cover everything above from the 1-Day School and then we take a deeper dive into advanced techniques and drills. The 2-Day Schools are highly effective in opening a rider up to how and what to practice and what it takes to truly develop skill.  Then another full-day in applying, practicing and most importantly discovering for oneself what works.

Day 2 – Mental Training and Advanced Techniques

Now that we have covered the critical and fundamental foundations on Day 1 we then enter the world of Mental training and development.  This creates a new context or view that alters how a students see oneself and what is possible.  This is where breakthrough performance happens!

  • Mental Training & Development and misconceptions

  • Mastering the Art of Cornering - Advanced Techniques

  • Jumping Advanced Techniques

  • The Rule of Real Estate

  • Vision the Key to Speed

  • Whoop-De-Doos and Rocker Whoops Advanced Technique

  • Starts and Being a Holeshot Master 

  • Advanced Drills

  • Being a Champion long before they give you the #1 plate

  • High Performance - the surprisingly obvious truth of what works and what does not

  • What you Discovered and Next Steps in Your Development


 Open to all skill levels, ages and racing classes.  65cc motorcycles and larger.



MX COACH 1/2-Day Auto-Clutch MX School 

PW, 50cc, 70cc & 110cc auto-clutch motorcycles only

Learning the fundamentals of control are key at this young age to create good habits with proper technique and avoid unnecessary mishaps due to folklore, myths and Uncle Jimmy's expert advice on everything from plumbing to motocross.  We work with the parents and the student so that each parent is left with an understanding of the fundamentals and the drills to practice with their child.  We show video and photos of the top racers and provide overwhelming evidence to both parent and child what works and to see that the champions today are in fact using those techniques to control their motorcycle.  This school is not about speed it is about the fundamentals of motorcycle physics.  We will even address the pitfalls of parent coaching and how to create an environment that meets the child where she is at, which is commonly not where the parent is at.  This is a fun 4-hours for the students and a relief and eye-opener for the parents in which everyone can enjoy motorcycling for what it is and is not.

This school allows each student no matter his ability to enjoy riding and be able to gain confidence quickly.  The promise of the school is more fun, confidence and control. 

 Open to all skill levels

Times are typically from 9:00am to 1:00pm (4-hours)



MX Coach Coaching & Development Programs

Much like high-school and college athletic programs our Coaching & Development Programs are designed to provide racers access to mastery of fundamentals and skills through on-going coaching and development utilizing scientific methodologies.  These long-term programs target Motocross Technique and Mental Training & Development within a promise to realize specific race results.  Other modalities may be added for an individual customized program such as: Race Day Coaching, Athletic Training, Sports Nutrition, MX Mechanics, Sponsorship & Team Building, and Parenting a Motocross Youth classes.

There are two major parts to the programs 1) Private lessons for one-on-one focus of an individual racer, and 2) Group lessons to harness the power of collaboration, peer-learning and competition.

Although you will be assigned to a group your program will be customized to meet your individual needs and budget.  

Groups are forming now with all skill levels and bike sizes.

Contact Joe DeGano for details and pricing.


1-Day School
2-Day School
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MX Pre-Season Preparation Program

The 3-Month intensive program is delivered through live video conferencing and live participant coaching interactions.  12-live coaching sessions with preparation study and assignments as students build each phase of their own championship race program for 2020. 

​Intention: Give direct access to the source of high-performance and breakthrough results to racers, parents, coaches, trainers, mechanics, and team managers.  Through live coaching interactions, participants will uncover for themselves their unseen constraints and limits as they create each phase of their own Championship Level Motocross Program.


Promise: Each participant will discover what will make the difference in their training and development while designing a championship level motocross program and realize breakthrough results in 2020.


Live Video Conferencing: This is not an on-line study course.  It is live interactive coaching sessions on video conference in which all participants will be seen by the Coaches and all the other participants.  Next best thing to being in a live seminar training.


Group Format: You will be working with other participants with similar goals and dealing with similar concerns.  This group format of ontological coaching interactions allows for discovery that goes far beyond mere information and understanding.  Leaving participants in action on what they are truly committed to. 


Coaches: Joe DeGano of MX Coach and Scoob Lanzendorfer of Dirt Soldiers Motocross will be delivering this program together.  Delivering over four decades of coaching and motocross expertise.

Introductions to the program: There are free introductions leading up to the program start date that are in the same format as the program itself.  Live video conferencing with participant coaching interactions.  These introductions are designed to give real value to the participants in one of the session topics of the program.  This gives participants an opportunity to see for themselves the power of professional coaching and the design of the program.  There will be an opportunity to register and a discount offered to those on the introductions.


Introduction #1 Tuesday, November 19th, 6:00pm MST

The Context is Decisive – Our Coaching approach.  Distinguishing coaching as distinct from instructing and training. Creating the context for the work we will be doing. Inquiry: What do you really want in your racing if anything were possible?  Coming face-to-face with the constraints of your current worldview.

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