Four Aspects of a Motocross Program:
1) Mental  2) MX Techniques  3) Athletics  4) Sports Nutrition
Encompassed in a Scientific Approach of Professional Coaching

Riding Technique

Discipline #2

Every professional sport has coaches from football to swimming. However, in motocross most racers go to the track and ride laps as fast as they can. Maybe your Dad or mechanic will give you a pointer or two like go faster in that corner or be more aggressive. Unfortunately, this so called practicing occurs in the amateur level as well as in professional motocross. Even little Bobbie who is eight-years old has a coach for his little league baseball team! The good news is that motocross is primitive in this fact and you will quickly rise to the top by having a professional coach. 


You may be asking yourself if this is so obvious then why doesn’t everyone have a coach to excel. Great question and the answer to that ranges from “I would rather spend thousands on modifying my motorcycle than learning how to ride my motorcycle.” to “I already know how to ride I just have to keep practicing what I’m doing.” The first reason is easy as money is used as an excuse; but the fact is that tens of thousands of dollars is being spent on motocross from traveling, to equipment and entry fees and little or none on true coaching. What really is missing is the awareness of the value of professional coaching and the difference it will make in your riding. 

The second reason is ego, meaning that a rider with success thinks he has it all figured out and is not open to coaching, and believes that all there is to continue doing what has been done, just more and better.  Being open to coaching is first knowing that you do not know and inside your commitment to be the best you hire a coach to open your mind and eyes to become aware of what you do not know, that you don’t even know that you don't even know.  Similar to a football coach in football practice, he will not allow you to unload your bike and burn laps. He is going to structure your practice and have you do drills and such to work on what limits you and what you are not good at. Many do not like this because as human beings we like to do what we are good at and we avoid doing what we are not good at. What we do not like is usually what we are not good at. Case in point, how often do you see a racer practicing rut corners as compared to practicing jumping? 


I know too obvious right? Obvious or not, many aggressive young athletes that are successful believe they got there by being confident, aggressive and have some natural born talent. Image an Olympic swimmer practicing everyday thrashing in the pool as hard as he can trying to shave tenths of a second off his best time. It just doesn’t happen because the culture of swimming is to have a coach to study video and analyze the athlete’s technique and form and coach them to see what they cannot possibly see from one's subjective perspective of thrashing in the water. This culture of coaching does not yet exist in motocross therefore we continue burning laps around a track with the illusion that this is good practice. 

Technique makes a difference ask any swimmer and they will agree without hesitation, because they know the difference it makes in their times and race results. Look at the top five professional motocross racers and it is easy to see the fundamental techniques that they all use. Yes I said all of them! Granted they all have their own style and different body types and different ways that they ride. However, they all with few exceptions use the same fundamentals to control the motorcycle with mastery. Said another way they are in sync with the fundamental laws of motorcycle physics and therefore have the possibility to be the fastest. Chances are you do not even know what the fundamentals are and even if you do, most likely you only know them, but don't do them.  Knowing to ride with the balls of your feet on the pegs makes no difference in your control of the motorcycle.  Only doing it - that is actually riding with the balls of your feet on the pegs can give you control.  Coaching lives outside of the domain of knowledge and that may be hard to understand as we think if I know what to do then I will do it.  If you look authentically in your life you will see that knowing does not necessarily change my behavior (actions). Mastering the fundamentals without thinking puts you in a position to be physically capable of being the best of the best. 

At MX COACH you will be coached no matter what level you are at to master the fundamental laws of motorcycle physics. This is more challenging than it seems and it makes the biggest difference even at the highest professional level. Once the fundamentals are in place then the coaching can shift to more in the mental aspects of racing to reach a level of high-performance reliably in any situation, especially at those big races.


Purposeful practice to develop skill and ability is what makes the difference between linear progress and breakthrough results in your race results. A coach will create a practice session with you and stand for the extraordinary to happen in that session. The result is a new realm and excitement around practicing as you can see taking ground and even leaps in your ability. This, you don’t have to take my word for but you’ll have to experience for your self. The only thing you risk losing is poor technique!