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How to Develop A Champion's Mindset

Being a champion is the pinnacle in motocross racing whether that's a professional or amateur championship. Being the kind of person who can consistently perform at a high level takes something beyond just going fast. In this blog post, MX Coach will explore fundamental ways to help you develop a champion's mindset.

Mental Coaching is a Practice, Not a Gimmick or a Trick

MX Coach has developed a unique approach to train and develop a champion's mindset to perform at their best in any situation or circumstance. It is important to remember that Mental Coaching is NOT positive affirmations, positive thinking, avoiding negativity, or spinning results to look at the bright side. It's also NOT about controlling your mind or changing your mindset, attitude, or outlook. If your willpower and commitment worked reliably then you would already be at the top of your game.

“Trying to control the mind is like trying to grab fog.” - Andrew Huberman

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Consider Going Beyond Your Mind

Our approach is to impact the being part of human being and that starts with having a powerful question like: "What does it look like to Be and act as a Champion?" That question is a world apart from "How do I go faster?"

Consider who you are Being now and the actions you are taking. Are you Being the kind of person who reliably completes their training, drills, nutrition, and sleep and effectively deals with all of racing and life?

These questions and conversations reveal the source of your actions. Who would you Be if you could Be anything?

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Mental Coaching is Training & Developing

Give up the gimmicks and tricks of trying to control your mind. Instead, we will take a look at the fundamental principles of high performance and you will be trained and developed inside of those principles.

We have a unique methodology that lays down one brick at a time and your reliable practice and discovery in each session will ultimately give you access to at-will flow states in racing. You will create your racing career from a new place that is no longer limited by your past.

Take a tour of our Mental Coaching Programs starting with Visualization for Racers, Mental Performance Coaching, and our flagship, Being A Champion course. Looking for a breakthrough in your racing and life? Register for one of our programs or sign up for our FREE Introduction to Mental Coaching LIVE Zoom webinar. Contact MX Coach, serving you worldwide for mental coaching to improve your motocross performance and accomplish your goals.


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