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What Is Mental Coaching for Motocross?

Mental Coaching for motocross, offered by MX Coach, is a specialized service designed to support motocross racers in developing their mental skills and achieving peak performance on race day. By going beyond the physical and focusing on the mental aspects of racing racers can access a potential that they didn’t know existed. Discover the ways of a Champion in your racing and in life. Learn more below, and contact us today.

motocross racer jumping a motorcycle in a stadium

Embrace the Mindset of a Champion

The primary goal of Mental Coaching is to have motocross racers discover and embody the mindset and actions of a champion. This involves working with a dedicated Mental Coach who guides racers through various conversations and layers to develop a new view of self, racing and what is possible.

dirt bike racer turning a corner

Access to Flow States

One key aspect of mental coaching for motocross is gaining at-will access to flow-states, also known as being "in the zone," which refers to a mental state in which a racer is fully immersed, engaged and focused with a single intention. Achieving and maintaining a flow-state is not through tricks or gimmicks. It comes through practice, layering one technique and distinction at a time, significantly enhancing race performance naturally. As opposed to thinking, pushing, figuring out and strategizing like many amateur racers do.

motocross racers clearing the starting line

What You Can Expect

MX Coach trains motocross racers to develop themselves mentally with a scientific methodology to gain at-will access to flow-states in any racing situation or circumstance. Imagine not having to try to control your mind or manage distracting thoughts and emotions. You will learn to develop your own effective pre-race rituals and routines. Our individual and group coaching sessions have our racers now operate in a new world and that is the World of High Performance!

dirt biker doing a jump outside

Benefits of Mental Coaching for Motocross

The benefits of mental coaching extend far beyond racing and reach into a racer’s life. Imagine Being and acting as a Champion in all areas of life! Mental Coaching ultimately empowers racers to create futures that were not going to happen.


Mental Coaching for motocross provided by MX Coach offers riders a method and structure to train and develop mentally and achieve unimaginable race results. To get started, contact us today.


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