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2-Day ADVANCED MX School 

Cahuilla Creek Motocross Track

Anza, California Sunday July 11 & Monday July 12,  2021

Tuition: $525 per racer Plus track fees 

School is limited to racers who have successfully completed the MX Coach 8 Essential Laws of Physics.  You must apply to this Advanced School to be accepted.  Click on Application below or give a call to discuss your skill level to see if you could be accepted.

Intention of this school is to work with previous students who have become competent or expert in executing without thinking the MX Coach 8 Essential Laws of Physics. We will then build on top of this foundational and essential skill set.  As a group of advanced riders we will now distinguish advanced techniques in corners, jumping, starts and other high-level techniques, trainings and drills to take each racer's skill to an advanced and breakthrough level.  We guarantee that this school and any MX Coach engagement will make a profound and lasting difference on your riding and race results.  Our "coaching" and scientific approach to the development of skill has and will realize unimaginable results.  

Deposit $150
Pay in Full

Mental Coaching & Development Program

8-Live Zoom Mental Coaching Sessions

Tuition: $275

Add-on: $575 Four 1-hour one-on-one personal coaching sessions

This is not an on-line study course. It is live interactive coaching sessions on video conference in a group setting in which all participants will be seen by the Coach and all the other participants.  Not a theoretical discussion about your mind with advice and tips on how to look at something or think a certain way or talk to yourself.  This is live coaching on what you are dealing with about your racing performance.  A forum that is facilitated by a Mental Coach Professional, Joe DeGano to discover what is in the way of performance when it counts the most.  Like during important races and on the starting line.  All your preparation and training can go out the window in a moment with a thought that you follow and make real.  Other times you have the ride of your life, and try as you might you can't repeat it.  What is that secret that some of the pro racers access?  How do you get in the flow state at-will instead of by chance?  

In this program you will get live mental coaching to free you up in race situations to allow your hard earned skill to be realized in any situation or circumstance especially the challenging ones.

This will be a demanding program with coaching for each participant to come face-to-face with what stops them.  One must see and feel in real time what stops them and deal with it in real time while it is happening. Thinking about it or understanding the concept of what stops you may be an interesting discussion.  However, we assert that it will not provide the breakthrough into a new world of performance.  We will look together to come face-to-face with what is in the way and then deal with it and recognize what it really is.  This program will require a commitment and willingness to do the assignments and practices throughout the 3-months of this program.  Download and submit your application below and we will contact you to schedule a phone conversation to see if this Mental Coaching program can offer what you are looking to accomplish.

Deposit $150
Pay in Full

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